Fried Apples

Fried Apples paleo (

These naturally sweetened Fried Apples were inspired by the fried apples I ate twice when I visited Cracker Barrel, a restaurant and old country store a couple of weeks ago. It was right across the street from the Gaylord Convention Center in Nashville when I was over there a couple of weeks ago for a work…

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Date Syrup (

Date Syrup

Are you looking for a natural sweetener that has the right amount of sweetness with a unique taste? This date syrup is a wonderful alternative to raw honey or maple syrup to naturally sweeten your drinks or desserts without being overpowering. As with any type of sweetener, it’s still sugar so don’t overindulge and just…

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Filipino Beef Tapa (Marinated Beef) (

Filipino Food Friday: Beef Tapa

Aside from Pork Longganisa, Beef Tapa (cured meat) is another breakfast favorite that is eaten with garlic fried rice and fried egg. You can find it on the menu of Filipino restaurants or fast food chains as “Tapsilog” which literally means tapa (tap – Beef Tapa) + sinangag (si – garlic fried rice) + itlog (log…

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Honey Garlic Chicken, paleo, primal (

Honey Garlic Chicken Tenders

The weather has been unusually hot lately here in SoCal. It will be in the 90’s until Monday and that’s in the beach cities. Go inland and it’ll probably be in the upper 90’s. It definitely feels like summer has taken over spring! I’m sure my family and friends from the east coast would rather…

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Filipino Food Friday: Pork Longganisa (Pork Breakfast Sausage) paleo (

Filipino Food Friday: Pork Longganisa

It’s my favorite day of the week and starting today, I’m devoting the first and third Friday of every month to a segment on my blog called Filipino Food Friday. I will be sharing healthier versions of Filipino recipes without sacrificing flavor and authenticity. Each one will be gluten-free and mostly Paleo compliant but there…

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